Wintersing your Spa
Get your spa emptied professionally before you leave it standing, as many parts could seize if left unused.
Biofilm Eliminator
Filters are soaked in a cleaning solution, older filters may need to be replaced. These will be available at an additional cost.
Biofilm eliminator is added to the water along with a shock dose. This will kill any bacteria and clean the pipework.
The spa will be emptied, washed down, and as much of the water removed from the spa and the pipework with a wet and dry vacuum. 
The cover and the panels are washed and sealed. The headrests are cleaned and sealed before removing them from the spa and storing them. The cover is placed on the top of the spa and shrink wrapped to prevent rainwater from getting in.

What is winterising?

If you are going away for a long period of time and will not be using your hot tub/spa (summer or winter), then we recommend that you get it professionally emptied. It is not enough to just empty out the water as there will still be water left in the pipes and motors. If this is left,  then in the summer this could result in the build-up of harmful bacteria and in the winter the pipe could freeze and cause them to crack or the motors to be damaged.

Self - Cleaning Spas?

If you have a "Self-Cleaning" hot tub/spa you still need to add chemicals such as chlorine, bromine, and PH balancers to the water and clean the spa filters. Owners must put in some time and effort to care for their spa system. The idea of a self-cleaning hot tub is a myth you still need to take regular care of it to keep it in tip-top condition and avoid any harmful