Over time, your hot tub will build up a layer of dirt and fats that will sit in the pipework unnoticed Biofilms, bacteria and other bugs and contaminates also start to take over if the chemical levels go unchecked. This could cause damage to your spa if the pH is too low, leading to corrosion or too high causing calcium build up in your pipework. It is therefore recommended that your spa water should be changed every three to six months with at least one annual service to keep you and your spa safe and healthy.

When you book a service package with us you will be safe in the knowledge that your spa has been professionally cleaned and sanitised and every working aspect and function checked for performance.  


We offer different maintenance contracts which our engineer will assess to see which level will suit you. Overall, regular attention to your spa maintenance will keep your hot tub water sparkling and inviting for all bathers. We will always call you at least a week ahead to confirm the date and time we will be with you, and you can let us know if you need us to look at and specific problems with your spa.


After each visit we will give you a report of the work carried out and any issues that may need addressing, as well as give you a date for your next full service.


2 spa-tech-us services a year.

You look after your spa in between visits.

Regular weekly testing, chemical balancing,

monthly filter cleaning & at least one full water change between services

Standard Plus

2  Spa-tech-us services a year

+  Spa-tech-us will visit

every month between services to health

check your hot tub/spa

Ideal for those who would prefer not to maintain

their spa themselves 


4  Spa-tech-us services a year


  You look after your hot tub/spa between visits every month between services to

health check your hot tub/spa

Weekly chemical testing and balancing &

Monthly filter cleaning & Maintenance.

Ideal for those who prefer more frequent servicing because of higher usage.

Premium Plus

Our most comprehesive package.

Spa-tech-us will look after your hot tub/spa each month to keep it in prime condition.

4 services a year + We will visit every month to health check your hot tub/spa.

We take complete care of your spa so

you dont have to.

If you take out a servicing contract with us, in the event of your hot tub/spa breaking down, we will not charge you a call out fee, only parts and labour will be charged. This does not apply to a one-off service.


Please note that full access to the hot tub/spa is needed to take off the side panels to allow servicing and repair.

If the hot tub is sunk into the decking and you want us to remove the decking to access your spa, we are very happy

to do so, but we will charge you the labour to do this


We offer a one-off service if you want to try us out before committing to a full-service contract, or just want to have an extra service done before a special occasion, or after heavy use or if someone has got into your tub wearing fake tan! This included the normal service above. Click here to enquire.




*Displayed prices are for yearly packages, paid in full at the time of purchase by Direct Debit.

Have you serviced your spa in the last 6 months?

Over time, your hot tub will build up a layer of dirt and fats that will sit in the pipework unnoticed. Biofilms, bacteria and other bugs and contaminants will take over if the chemical levels go unchecked. This could cause damage to your spa and potentially dangerous to your health. If you haven't had a checkup in the last 6 months strongly advice to book one now.

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