Our Service 
Maintain the optimum running of your hot tub/spa. In addition to a yearly Detox, we recommend that you have your spa serviced regularly.

What do we do when carrying out a

service to your Spa.

At least once a year on your regular service plan, or on every one-off service we will perform a Detox on a service contract, other maintenance services will include a Detox, shock dose and/or a flush as required depending on what your hot tub/spa needs. These products help clean inside the pipework and remove bacteria and any other bugs and contaminate.

Filters are soaked in a cleaning solution. Older filters may need to be replaced, these will be available at an additional cost.
Each jet is checked and cleaned to regain optimum performance level. Every effort is made to clear each individual water jet of grit and dirt to ensure that they can be moved freely and are as close to original performance level as possible.
Maintenance & Performance
A full maintenance and performance check is carried out on all pumps, blowers, lights and any other major components. Each component is inspected for wear and tear, leaks, and any abnormal noise. All electrical units are electronically measured for performance.
Exterior Clean
Chemical Balance
We will empty, clean, rinse down and vacuum out the spa, including cabinet inspection area. The cover is cleaned along with the outer panels of the spa and sealed with a protector.

Notes will be made of suggested repairs, and repairs to be carried out by agreement from the customer. Components, plumbing, fittings, and so on are added to the service cost.

Some of the common brands we work with

Keep your Spa healthy

& Safe

Over time, your hot tub will build up a layer of dirt and fats that will sit in the pipework unnoticed. Biofilms, bacteria and other bugs and contaminants will take over if the chemical levels go unchecked. This could cause damage to your spa and potentially dangerous to your health. If you haven't had a checkup in the last 6 months we strongly advise to book one now.