Keep your Spa in top condition
Regular Check-ups ensures your spa is in tip top conditional all year round

Whats involed in a Check-up?

The overall condition of your spa is vitally important to it's smooth running, parts wear, nuts and bolts loosen and filters block. We check all these parts to make sure your spa is working perfectly.

Check the spas overall condition, pillows, cover, all jets and diverter valves to see if they are functioning properly.
Chemical Balancing
We check if the water is sanitised and the chemicals are balanced , ensuring that there is no build up of bacteria in your spa. 

The inside of the spa will be checked for leaks and that all pipework and connections are tight and in good working order. 

The electrics will be checked to see if the right amount of power is being drawn and noise levels from pumps are not excessive i.e. Bearings and impellers are not worn.

Some of the common brands we work with

Did you know?

If you have a "Self-Cleaning" hot tub/spa you still need to add chemicals such as chlorine, bromine, and PH balancers to the water and clean the spa filters. Owners must put in some time and effort to care for their spa system. The idea of a self-cleaning hot tub is a myth if you still need to take regular care of it to keep it in tip-top condition and avoid any harmful bacteria.